Mike Dry

Dr. Dry is one of very few preeminent hydrometallurgical process experts in the world today specializing in mass energy balance and use of quantitiative data reconciliation, critical to transition between Design-Build-Operate phases of a Mining Project.

He is renowned for ability to engage in rigorous critical review and analysis of metallurgical processes, and simplify findings from experimental results into data required for process design, engineering feasibility, process optimization, and computable schematics.

He has been past President of Argento Plata Metals Ltd, successfully implementing critical units operation and embarking on gallium recycling venture with the Lakefield Research Group.

As Head of Hydrometallurgy at the world renowned Mintek, he began assembling teams, training them in specialized techniques and significantly enhancing quality and efficiency of project execution - process simulating difficult to resolve problem sets; such as removal of sulfate from acid mine drainage, pressure leaching of various materials, efficiency improvements in zinc electrolysis, removal of manganese from zinc electrolyte, recovery of nickel from low-grade feeds, recovery of copper and cobalt from wads. While in charge of performance and development of 80 professionals at the Ph.D., M.Sc.. levels along with numerous technicians and operators, Dr. Dry encouraged free-form thinking and articulation of scientific opinions, eliminated hierarchical culture by being accessible to all, particularly about practicable techinical issues - leading by example, questioning and advising instead of commanding, encouraging and applying lateral thinking; nurturing calm and objective expression of ideas during heated debates; But, alongside his incomparable expertise in process metallurgy, Dr. Dry's exceptional talent has been his singular ability to nurture and motivate ideas-driven but result oriented, technically brilliant teams, taking on projects requiring broad vision encompassing capability to deliver outside of the conventional mindset.