Mikee Corcoran

Broccoli Events

Broccoli Events collaborates with the very best brands, PR/marketing companies and are always on the lookout for creative projects and people to work with.

With a diverse music background we have the ability to create exciting events and PR campaigns that target any given demographic.

We produce unique, inspiring and interactive events on and off line with social media strategies that enables companies and brands to engage with their target audience for maximum reach and impact. A recent event we worked on generated 1.7 million social media imprints between us, bands and their fan base.

We also specialise in programming music for London and regional festivals and PR companies for their campaigns connecting brands to the very best bands around the UK (and their fan bases)

We do filming and editing music/brand content and driving it through social media.

This year Broccoli Events have teamed up with KK Introduces and will be at Strawberry Fields Festival, A Lost Weekend and Barefoot Festival. We are responsible for programming the stages, event production and content creation.


Broccoli has worked with some of the biggest and most exciting brands

- The o2
- Gibson
- EPA - Marstons Brewery
- Nokia
- Stolichnaya Vodka
- 3 Mobile
- DMG Media
- Metro Ski & Snowboard Show
- Action Aid - Bollocks To Poverty
- Myspace
- Rockstar Energy Drink

- Strawberry Fields Festival
- A lost weekend Festival
- Barefoot Festival
- Scoutabout