Mike Essig

I am retired. and Writer in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

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Hippie, soldier, scholar, seeker: now a monk in a shack with a neurotic cat. I write a lot. The cat has produced nothing. I survived three helicopter crashes in 1972. I have brain damage, obviously. It shows up in the poems. I meditate, practice Kung Fu, write and think. I'm not sure why. I enjoy the world and plan to live another 64 years, making me just now middle-aged. The Tao says: If you live until you die, then you have lived long enough. I need little; want less; don't own a TV or a cellphone; they make you stupid and I am already challenged enough. Contentment is my goal. Minimalist/Buddhist/Anarchist through experience and personality. Warrior, lover and explorer by choice. My goal is to keep writing, publishing and self-publishing. I'm retired; it's what I do

  • Education
    • Penn State University
    • Kent State University