Mike Freeman

Artist and Songwriter Mike Freeman isn't one to be defined or limited by labels. He is deadly serious about his music, yet charismatic with a sharp sense of humor. Born in Oklahoma and growing up in Texas and Missouri, he took in many different styles of music – ranging from American classic and swamp rock, to blues and traditional county. He learned to recognize and appreciate talent and artistry in every form. Training his ear to absorb the artists' influences fed his musical curiosity. "I'd listen to an artist or a band constantly until I knew their sound and where they were coming from, then I'd likely move onto a completely different genre."

At age 18, no sooner than he walked across the stage for his high school diploma and changed clothes in the parking lot, he began an all-night drive to Oklahoma. He reported for his first pipeline job, the following morning at 7 A.M. Traveling across America – Mike Freeman heard many stories, and told his fair share. "I love people's stories, I'm fascinated by them. Who they are, how they got to be there. And I've always loved the road, traveling from city to city. I was just logging miles for the wrong career."

When he was 24, and in between pipeline jobs, Mike decided he wanted to play his first live show. He learned 25 cover songs and threw in a few originals. That first gig led to a standing Wednesday night show the whole summer – and was the highest grossing night of the week for that Missouri bar.

A few years later, Mike finished a pipeline job near Memphis, Tennessee. With some time to kill, he made the drive to Nashville, got a hotel, and walked down to Broadway. "I looked around and realized, 'This is where it all happens. This is where the majority of people I listen to hang out.' After that, I couldn't get back here fast enough. I knew this was where I wanted to be."

Arriving in Nashville in 2009, Mike Freeman is well on his way to making his mark. Currently developing his arsenal of songs, his dreams of Music Row are quickly starting to materialize.

His sound speaks to people, because he listens. It shoots straight to the heart. And to Mike Freeman, that's the only thing that matters.

"When I write, it's not because I'm chasing after a deal or radio spins, or awards or acclaim. I write songs that tell stories about the people I've met, and the experiences I've had along the way. For the rest of my life, I want to write and perform songs that people can rel