Mike Garvison

I am currently the Chief Financial Officer for a small government agency with 14 employees that services a County-Wide Citizen and Customer Base of over 300,000 residents and over 240,000 registered voters. Prior to that I was an elected County Auditor for nine years that was the sole person responsible for the internal audit function of an organization with 300 employees and a budget of over $38 million. I have experience as an external financial statements auditor providing assurance services and conducting risk-based audits of local government entities within SouthWest Washington State.

I was recently an extra on the set of Leverage and the movie Gone filmed in Portland, Oregon. Great experience, the cast and crew were polite and amazingly efficient.

While I was County Auditor, I helped in 8 different county-wide political campaigns, seven of which were successful. I designed innovative methods for getting out the youth vote, and in unique campaign tactics within a small, rural community that had never been attempted previously. I was a liberal Republican that used innovative methods for solving long-standing intractable problems within the County. This resulted in many of the political 'players' resenting my methods because it was not their accepted way of doing business. I upset the apple cart and created new centers of control that upset the at that time, status quo. This led to the political 'old-guard' using trumped-up accusations to try and smear my name with baseless rumors while I was transitioning from my role as elected official to just a regular employee of a great organization.