Mike Gruhin

I'm a Board Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist Attorney and partner at Gruhin & Gruhin, Attorneys. I specialize in Ohio Workers' Compensation, helping injured Ohio workers.

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Gruhin & Gruhin, Attorneys - Hurt at Work - Injury in Ohio? You need a Board Certified Worker's Compensation Specialist Attorney. Factory injury on the job in Ohio? You need Mike Gruhin, Board Certified Ohio Work Comp Specialist, a Hurt on the Job Lawyer.

Gruhin & Gruhin focuses its practice in the area of Ohio Workers' Compensation and personal injury law, including, but not limited to cases where people get hurt on the job, are involved in a work or job accident, whether its in a motor vehicle accident, semi truck highway accident, serious injuries, amputations, wrongful death, or any other type of injury claim. No matter how your work or job injury took place, or any other personal injury case in which you are involved occurred, you need to call Gruhin & Gruhin for a free, no obligation legal consultation.