Michael C. Guest

"My focus is on leading our company to new levels of achievement by expanding our client base and increasing our clients' contracts in areas such as aerospace, aviation, defense and various emerging technologies.

During my professional career of over 25 years, I have successfully marketed many technology products including computer hardware and software, computer programming, aircraft avionics, missile guidance systems, electromagnetic radio frequency interference mitigation systems, electro-optical systems and power generation systems to name a few.

Publications such as "Entrepreneur" and "Top 101 Industry Experts" feature my career expounding on years of experience, expertise and leadership in multiple disciplines. Guest Associates, Inc. (GAI) combines my business experience and expertise with many talented and dedicated professionals who work for our company to accomplish the marketing and business development goals of our clients. We gather intelligence through a number of unique methods to leverage new business opportunities and relationships.

Recently, GAI has developed a presence in the merger and acquisition world representing both prospective buyers and sellers of technology oriented companies. GAI covers six strategic U.S. locations and welcomes the opportunity to expand your business through our various services."

Visit our web page @ www.guestassociates.com & call 256.534.2487 to discuss your business needs.