Mike Haston

Director in Monaco

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Monaco based Scottish entrepreneur Mike Haston is a specialist in Mergers & Acquisitions within the private equity sphere. Haston's latest success comes off the tail of the very recent sale of his $650m Cayman based XIIH fund.

Michael entered the capital markets game after his hugely successful time in private equity. Why? Buoyant market conditions were ripe for a concerted push into the industry.

Of course no great entrepreneur would be half as successful without his expert team of sales and marketing professionals, something Mike takes great pride in. Their ability to work in high pressure environments allows them to capitalise on opportunities where others would fall short.

“Market conditions are perfect now, there’s a fast pace to the products that we design – I like the fact that we have to make decisions quickly, based on a wide range of macro-economic and geopolitical factors. Investors are constantly looking for good quality, reliable products and we continue to provide them with huge success.”

- Mike Haston