Michael Gillespie

How would David Byrne have put it? You may find yourself seeking a beautiful job, for a beautiful company, and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here? Well, I got here by putting myself forward for paid and voluntary work in the cultural industries. Along the way, I have been BAFTA nominated for a student film; gained experience in journalism, copywriting and digital marketing, social media and creating exceptional video content; and have completed nearly 40 films for such blue-chip clients as Adidas, Orange and PWC. Furthermore, I am tech-savvy, and have worked in customer service roles for Diageo, Defra and Skype to pay the bills. In addition, I love languages (must be all the world cinema) and speak conversational Spanish, and am currently completing a TEFL certificate. Of course, I am literate, articulate, a great writer and possess an acute understanding of digital and e-marketing, social media, and am familiar with a range of media production tools, including XL1 and HD cameras, sound recording equipment, lighting rigs and Final Cut Pro. Currently writing two short films and a play, I am, as David Byrne said, letting the days go by, and trying to fill them with worthwhile pursuits, which will hopefully include providing businesses with excellent services. How often do you find someone like me? Once In A Lifetime!