Mike Hildebrand

Henderson, NV

I heard some advice from a friend that said, begin with the end in mind, so let's do that.

I am a triathlete, a competitive age-grouper for anyone keeping score. Swim, Bike and Run are at the core of who I am outside of home and work. When not on the run, I hike, climb, cook, write and read - just some small things to occupy my time.

I am married to a beautiful woman with dreams and goals of her own that only compliment and motivate mine own. We have five amazing children, each with attitiudes and ideas separate and uniquely their own. None of them want to be like me when I grow up.

At work, I am the leader among big data mining. I have written several white-papers on the use of big data and continue to use this ability to add ROI to my company.

In addition to big data I also teach a beginner yoga class, and spinning class part time. I want others who have been down my road from fat to fit (I have dropped over 170 pounds) to know they are not alone.

Again, I begin with the end in mind. Is that me? Some of it yes, some of it in my head and some of it in my future; for now, I am in transition.

  • Work
    • Credit One Bank
  • Education
    • Some college