Mike Ma

Seattle, Washington, United States

Mike loves to build stuff. He has worked at major software, e-commerce and financial companies in roles from product development to business strategy and marketing.

Mike is passionate about combining technology and business strategy to come up with innovative ideas and solutions, to help people live a fuller life. Using his experiences in computer software, hardware, network security, marketing, business development, and his entrepreneurial spirit, he started his own network security consulting company in high school and was set on creating more companies and products in the future. He was educated at the University of Waterloo in Canada and holds a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science - Computer Engineering. He is proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English.

He is currently the founding partner at Labs8; a startup incubator with a twist, advisor to startups and serving on non-profit boards. He loves to empower others to create value.

  • Work
    • CEO at Labs8