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Paella Catering for a Unique Event Celebration

Most often, homeowners decide to conduct parties to celebrate special occasions at home with family, friends and even coworkers. A lot of times, they tend to come up with unique ideas for the theme or the motif to add to the festive mood on that specific date. However, when it comes to the food served, some are stressed out because they don’t have an idea about what to serve their guests. Some of them do know what to cook but they are looking for other options which will help them have a unique event.

If you're planning to serve to the same guests who keep on attending your parties, you might as well improve your menu. Why not try paella catering for your guests?

You can serve paella to your guests as alternative to the usual main course that you serve to your family, friends and relatives. This will not only improve your cooking skills but it will also help bring a new item to your party. New items will always surprise and deight your guests especially if it’s food.

There are several variety of paella that you can serve your guests. Here are some of them:

• Black Paella

As the name denotes, it’s a black paella. The recipe uses ink from a squid or an octopus. It uses various seafood items such as shrimp, crabs, lobsters, etc. It’s suitable for people who likes paella with strong flavour.

• Seafood Paella

Paella is typically a traditional Spanish dish. However, if you say “seafood paella”, it becomes more of a Mediterranean recipe. This is also one of the most sought recipes when it comes to paella because there are tons of seafood lovers out there.

• Valencian Paella

This is the most common type of Spanish paella that you can encounter. It uses conventional ingredients such as garlic, onion, pepper and tomatoes. The unique thing about it is that tit uses rabbit meat, not pork nor chicken. It is best consumed with a high quality red wine.

• Vegetarian Paella

If you or your friends are composed mostly of vegetarians, best serve this dish. This, unlike the usual and traditional paella makes use of vegetables such as asparagus, olives, articholes and mushrooms. It’s irresistably healthy so if you want a light paella recipe, give this one a try.

• White Paella

White paella uses a different meat: salami and ham. The name “white paella” is given to the recipe because its appearance is almost white because the ingredients used on it is neutral. It’s best served with beer.