Mikeia Tefnut

Easton, Pennsylvania

Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Healer, Mother, Master Creatress, She is SiStar Soulution, The Goddess Tefnut!

"I have been a healer all my life and I love music. So I use it in a healing, uplifting, empowering -SOUL MOVING capacity.. what I listen to and create for the world!

Music, for me is the Cosmic language that speaks to each soul in it's own voice" -Mikeia

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Mikeia uses a vast wealth of resources in a Spirit-led process of life evaluation, identifying the core issues causing problems with health, weight, relationship, career and self-depreciating behaviors and ideas.

**She encourages creative development for the purposes of energy clearing, expression and self- examination.

**She then, expertly designs one of a kind music and mixed modality art pieces, specific to the soul whom desires them.

Raised in the entertainment world, groomed by the game of life, "educated" in the original sense of the word-

(From the Latin educare "bring up, rear, educate," which is related to educere "bring out," from ex- "out" + ducere "to lead") -"to bring out from within"

Mikeia is the sweet, but saucy, sexy, soulful voiced, spiritual, sacred seductress who halfs the duet Me&Mi, alongside her twin flame Masia. Together they have charted a cosmic course from the Hood 2 the Hill and Beyond -to the Stars!

Share the Cosmic Love Affair... ~ME&MI~ http://www.reverbnation.com/meandmi

The MAC Project is ME&MI's latest fling! http://mikeiatefnut.wix.com/maclove

With the weekly MAC internet show http://www.prolifick.com/themac (archived shows)

With upcoming conscious events all over the Nation and smoltering music project in the works, she's bringin the Heat to make the Summer of 2014 even Hotter, surely she is a SiStar Goddess on the rise!

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    • Escambia High School