Physicist & mathematician, I am also interested by web development and computer science.

Blogger, tutor, fashion victim, coffee aficionado.

Interested by the application of Physics Education Research (PER) to online learning.

Spends his spare time thinking hard about the interrelations between models in physics, category theory, the relational model, functional relational programming, the use of DSLs in physics, and how physics could be studied from different point-of-views: historical, "axiomatic" (from a minimal set of principles), mathematical (pick a math topic, and apply it to a wide range of physical systems), geometric (one can argue that everything in physics has a geometric nature).

VPython enthusiast. Obsessive-compulsive LaTeX typesetter. Sage and Maxima user. GeoGebra-curious.

Rediscovered the joy of programming through Lispy languages such as Scheme and Qi/Shen, and is fond of Logo-like languages such as Elica and Rebol. Now enjoys pure functional programming. Making his first baby steps in Haskell.

La moitié du temps, je parle et pense en français.