Mike J. Wilson

Web Developer, Designer, and Editor in Hà Nội, Vietnam

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Mike J. Wilson Ward is a 35-year-old former local activist who enjoys reading, yoga and watching sport. He is kind and gentle, but can also be very violent and a bit sadistic.

He is addicted to shopping, something which his friend Pierce Roland Parsons pointed out when he was 17. The problem intensified in 2004. Mike J. Wilson has lost two jobs as a result of his addiction, specifically: senior programmer and local activist.

He is an English Jedi who defines himself as bisexual. He has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics.

Physically, Mike J. Wilson is not in great shape. He needs to lose quite a lot of weight. He is short with chocolate skin, red hair and green eyes. He has one or two distinguishing features including a birthmark on his forehead and buck teeth.

He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. Having never really known his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.

He is currently single. His most recent romance was with a politician called Brianna Sharon Holmes, who was 8 years older than him. They broke up because Mike J. Wilson felt he could get someone hotter.

Mike J. Wilson's best friend is a former local activist called Pierce Parsons. They get on well most of the time. He also hangs around with Morris Ferguson and Dale Daniels. They enjoy shopping together.