Mike Jordan

Los Angeles, CA

I moved to Los Angeles in 1994 with a background in local news and some long form documentary experience. After freelancing for a few months I landed a job with Mad Dog Video, Inc., a crewing company that specialized in Behind the Scenes, Documentary and Reality television field production.
I started off as a utility on set, facilitating productions by building video village, setting up cameras/lenses.
I have worked as Audio Mixer, Camera Operator, GoPro Tech, Data Manager, Digital Integrated Technician, Technical Director...and in the office as a Production Manager, Line Producer and Producer. My latest exploits include Emmy-Award nominated shows for Jay Leno.
As a result of this experience I have an intricate understanding of the technology it takes to facilitate all aspects of production. A self-taught computer technician, as well as certified CompTIA Network +, I am well versed in Internet Protocol, Network Administration and how computers (Mac, PC, Linux) facilitate television production (capture, code, send, receive, decode). My understanding of the technical aspects of new camera technologies (how they capture, transcode, transmit, etc.) give me a unique perspective, an overview of how all the moving parts affect each other when it comes to the bottom line, money.
My experience in the field has helped direct my budgeting skills.

In summary, I am technically proficient in camera, audio, and computer technologies and how they relate to each other. I build budgets based on my intimate understanding how those fast changing technologies affect the bottom line.

  • Work
    • Mad Dog Video, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Montana
    • East Carolina University