Michael Jenkins

I have a BS in Industrial Engineering, an MS in Human Factors in Information Design, an MBA and am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering - suffice it to say that I have a passion for learning (especially about complex systems, human capabilities and situations where the requirements of one exceed the limits of the other). Unfortunately the Ph.D. seems to be the top of the academic peak so I'll be heading down the other side of the mountain to 'the real-world' (as my parents and friends call it) come May of 2012. Ideally i'll get a job designing Star Wars Lego toys; however that would be a waste of my accumulated 11 years of higher education from the view of many who helped me to get through it. Subsequently, I'll also be looking for work in the design and/or evaluation of complex (or marginally difficult) systems.

In the meantime (and into the foreseeable future - level 3 situational awareness, heh), I will spend my free time, and much of the time I should be doing actual work, playing video games (gt=o0MrJenkins0o) & fantasy football, traveling, g33king it up via Star Wars/MTG/D&D; or other means, planning for the inevitable Zombie/Nuclear/Alien/Vampire apocalypse, building various stuff (love Make Magazine), playing board games (from Catan to Twilight Imperium), and doing anything else new and exciting I have time for and can afford.