Mike Who? .... Mike Johns!

Architect and Teacher in Los Angeles, California

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Ten Interesting Facts About Mike Johns:

1. Addicted to watching Twilight Zone

2. Jamaican by blood, rep it to the fullest!

3. Born a century early only to prepare Earth people for the Future

4. I plan on going to Antartica before 2020

5. Love people of ALL colors. Global Citizen

6. History buff extraordinaire, test me!

7. My life is dedicated to technology, from Smartphone, Human Mobility, IOT, String Theory to any aspect of Transhumanism. Make no mistake I live this!

8. If I don’t make it to the moon, someone from my family will excel to be among the first to go to Mars!

9. For the last 15 years I enjoy working with a slew of people within technology in efforts to making this a better more sustainable earth

10. I’ve step foot on every continent minus Australia & Antartica

  • Work
    • Digital Mind State
  • Education
    • University of Nevada, Las Vegas