Mike Johnston

I have been developing software and web based applications for over two decades. In 1999 I innovated the very first, browser-based, drag and drop web site builder- used as a free web site builder for many leading hosting companies today. I have served as Director of Engineering for the team that led the US content development for the “Sony Home” virtual world initiative on Playstation 3. I founded and created the children’s “edu-tainment” game, “Sam’s Interactive Reader” and successfully launched the family-friendly Facebook game, “Reef Life”. I have been recognized by Adobe as a featured developer for my work on “Sam’s Interactive Reader”. In early 2010, I joined the team at Playdom and led the development effort for the hit Facebook game, “Market Street”. Playdom was subsequently acquired by the Walt Disney Company and I began work on strategic and tactical development initiatives for the International expansion of Playdom’s social gaming titles. I am currently serving as the Director of Engineering for Social Games at PlayFirst where we are building the next generation of Social Gaming Entertainment.