Michael Judkins

I am an independent business consultant focused on simplifying the lives of Small Business Owners. I use easy to understand, cost effective solutions centered around technology to simplify business tasks and streamline work-flow. Years of experience allow me to efficiently target any areas of frustration that businesses encounter on a day to day basis. By getting to know every business and its owners individually, I can thoroughly understand individual needs and create very specific custom-tailored solutions to a wide breadth of problem areas.

Specialty Areas:

Technology Design and Implementation (Hardware and Software)

Business Analysis (Cash Flow, Structure, Taxes, Break-Even Analysis, Fixed/Variable Cost Adjustment)

Efficieny (Inventory, Logistics, Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing, Estimates)

Human Resources (Employee Analysis, Management Strategy, Structure)

Marketing Strategies

Branding and Business Identity

Please Contact @: 414.944.1050 and mikejudkins388@gmail.com