Mike J. Zserdin

Guthrie, OK

Howdy. I'm Mike Zserdin and I'm the Chief Generosity Advocate at newAnthropy.com, Builder of Giving Circles & better communities. Partnering with impact investors who give more than they take. I share thoughts and ideas at MikeJZserdin.com.

I'm currently working to inspire and empower 20 million peers to invest in our communities by joining or starting a Giving Circle. I shipped The Generosity Manifesto to share the idea.

I ride my bike alone and with great friends. In my mind I ride it more and faster.

My family is distinct and it shines bright-1 wife, 2 boys. They are the best part About.me this side of heaven.

And, as Bono sang, I'm not broke but, you can see the cracks.

That's About.me...enough. If you're building into lives and the world reach out.