Michael K. Kato

I was born and raised in Los Angeles area, but transplanted to Japan, the nation of my ancestors, in 1987 in the midst of a booming bubble economy. 24 years later and counting, amidst much more tenuous circumstances, I'm still here. Hopefully wiser, but definitely older.

I'm a Learning Consultant, but call myself a Serial Social Entrepreneur. I work on projects and ideas that I believe are important for the sustainable quality of life on this planet. I think first about the impact of things i do on my children and kids everywhere, then for children as yet unborn. Is what we are doing good for them? How can we shift things around just a bit to make what we do improve their ability to thrive - and not just to survive?

I've been working mostly in the space intersecting between learning (not just education) and technology. I try to build ways in which technology is used to support learning objectives that enhance sustainable and enjoyable human endeavors. And, though it may sound somewhat antithetical to working with learning technology, I am extremely active in adventure-based and experiential learning. I am very fond of outdoor sports, gardening, nutrition, cooking, arts and crafts, and many other activities that have been done for hundreds and thousands of years without information and communications technologies (as we know it now).

But using ICT to enhance what we learn from doing these things can certainly help to understand their benefits. We can use it to learn to enjoy the hard work required to make doing difficult, natural, and labor-intensive things more attractive and "marketable" than the wasteful, extravagant, poisonous, lazy, unkind, greedy, and unsustainable "business as usual" that permeates contemporary global culture, society, philosophy, economy, and life. If we can make hard work and the joy that can be derived from being successful at good deeds, then our great living planet will sustain human life for many more generations of proud and happy kids!