Mike Keeton

Coming into my sophomore year of high school, I had no idea where I was going in terms of what sport I wanted to play. Up to that point, I had been playing some sort of sport year round. Whether the sport was basketball, baseball, football, or soccer, I was doing something at all times during the year. In high school I was dead set on playing basketball. However, after a season of riding the bench and a spontaneous revelation about my height (around 5’6), I decided to stop playing varsity basketball and move to another sport. My first choice was track, having decent speed and above average quickness, I figured it was the best available choice for my situation. My parents, however, thought that I should play lacrosse with all my friends. This idea was mildly troubling to me because I would be jumping into a varsity level team with no playing experience. After a whole summer of arguing, my parents convinced me to play. To my surprise, the sport I had never played before came more naturally to me than any other. After my first season on the team, I was second-line midfield and the prime candidate to move up to first line going into my junior year. This opportunity was special to me because I had never been a part of something that made me feel needed and important. After some really hard work, my teammates and I ended our senior season with the most wins ever in a single season. That year I was one of the captains of the team and one of the leading scorers. Lacrosse has changed my life, not only from a leadership perspective, but also from all the people and opportunities that I have come across due to the sport.