Mike kelly

I'm 24 year old. I am a Post Graduate student. Currently working in Navigation field as a Production Engineer and Also working with Quasarscreative. l like singing that why i join a music class.

I'm a helpful person by nature. I like to help other. Things which help me I like to share with other so it can help them also. "LAW OF ATTRACTION" help me a lot in my life and i share that with other so it can change their life and help them to improve their life.

When i was 20 year old, I was pretty unsure what to do in my life and also was upset regarding weather I would be able to fulfil my dreams which I wanted to achieve. Thanks to one of my best friend who suggested me to read books on "LAW OF ATTRACTION". i got these books on http://www.tripleclicks.com/ECA/ECAMyStore.php?id=20814.

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