Mike Ketchel

Artist, Writer, Actor in California

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Entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, tech wizards, "doers" and philosophers connected on today's issues and shaping the future, asking "why not?" After all, it is up to all of us, isn't it?

★ Starting out 30 yrs ago as an actor-coach-director, then writer, and talent manager, which took me from Atlanta to Los Angeles. I was fortunate to work with, and for, some of the most talented artists and entrepreneurs in TV & film. 20 yrs followed in event product sales & marketing; creation of Old Texican seasonings; management; and, real estate finance & sales. Being a "flybytheseatofmypants" small scale entrepreneur has been exciting, and sometimes white-knuckle flying. Sometimes you crash; but, you get back up.

My decision to return to writing, and the arts, came in 2010; but, on 11/19/11, I suffered a major stroke. Suddenly, my world changed forever. This former athlete was paralyzed, couldn't walk, write, talk, and thinking was a jumbled mess. Two weeks later, my kidneys failed, requiring dialysis.The docs listed me as dying; but, God had other plans.

I've since climbed mountains, literally and figuratively, resumed acting, had my artwork featured in a magazine, wrote a few published articles, a short story, and finished a novel. Visualizing each small or large victory in advance is critical. You are always more than a survivor, if you choose to be.

My survival and recovery have been miraculous; and, God has been my strength and the source of my faith. (See Phil 4:12-20). Sometimes our trials become our mission, and a blessing given is a blessing to give. There are as many reasons to love, as there are reasons to forgive.

★Thrills: My son being born. The creative process, for me, whether painting, writing, or acting. Seeing Monet and Van Gogh works up close. Hearing Mozart. Skiing. Cycling a lot. Running a little. The sea. Jazz clubs. Rollercoasters. Climbing Mt. Diablo w my son 6 months post stroke, and climbing it 3X more. Finishing a new painting, story, starting a new one, or both. On Reelz, playing the role of a pastor in the true story of "The Exorcist, a warden in Almost Got Away With It, on ID. The Third Man (remake), https://vimeo.com/115326812, and Bitter Dessert, https://vimeo.com/79429151, password: dessert. Adidas, https://vimeo.com/138827772

Living in the SF Bay Area.

Fav quote: "Don't step into the ring thinking you're going to lose." Billy Ketchell, NJ Boxing HOF, my dad.

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    • Artist - Writer - Actor, self employed
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    • Berry College
    • Weist-Barron
    • Alliance Theater
    • Jeff Corey
    • Pat Witt