Mike Krumel

Live your dreams! Mid-life crises is a phrase associated with those that stop dreaming, and continually reflect on the past. Success fulfills your dreams not because of what you do, but rather what you do daily.
I’ve owned two very successful rep agencies of the past 20 years, but when the economies began to shrink, we sold those businesses and leaped into the present. Instead of dwelling on what we had, we put those efforts into businesses of the 21st century. Don’t beat the same drum hoping for a different sound.

I talk with so many people of all walks of life and it is refreshing to work with enthusiastic people that enjoy life no matter what speed bumps come during the day. Live an objective way of life including daily exercise, good eating habits, staying out of drama circles, and reducing your amount of CNN (constant negative news). This is the beginning of prosperity and a dream fulfilled lifestyle. Its easy to get stuck, but be inspired that there are options if you are objective. We provide financial opportunities for full & part time efforts along with an enormous library of information gathering tips/solutions for the 21st century.

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