Mike Lind

Realtor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Ah Toronto, I love ya! As a kid I always admired your sky line from afar. I finally fulfilled my dream in my late 20's in calling you home.

When I made the move, I had an eye for the communities that were on the up-and-up and hidden gems in houses. Looking for a great home in an area a little off the beaten path? I'll let you know my favs! Maybe it's the worst house on the best street? There's potential there! Dragging my wife through several renovations, I can see hidden value in almost any home.

Chilled and relaxed is the way I approach real estate with you. You're under enough stress trying to buy or sell already! I'll listen to what you're looking for and need. Simple insights and suggestions is what you'll receive.

When I'm not working in real estate you'll find me at home being the monster chasing my 3 beautiful kids around. Sampling new craft beers (I'm always looking for Pilsner suggestions!), chillin' with my headphones on to my extensive music collection (drum n bass is a guilty pleasure) and, taking full advantage with my wife of the many fantastic restaurants that The Big Smoke has to offer!