Mike Ludens

Lake Geneva, WI

"We don't stop playing because we grow old....we grow old because we stop playing.....So live life!!"
I have many passions. Some of them include-Mixed Martial Arts-Law of Attraction Spiritual Teaching-Luxury Lifestyle Blogging, and Living Life to it's fullest.
These sites represent who I am:
I live life to it's fullest each day.
I love life and all things high energy.
*I have been honored with the title: Michael F. Ludens-
Count of The Imperial Sovereign House of Kings and Sir/Knight Commander of the Imperial Chivalric Order of Kings.

I am a Mixed Martial Arts ABC Certified Judge and Commissioned Inspector.

I am a Fitness Professional

I am an Exotic Car and Watch enthusiast.

I am a Law of Attraction Life Teacher

I am a Blogger

I am a Social Media Marketing Expert

  • Work
    • High End Luxury Blogger-Fitness Expert-
  • Education
    • University of Abraham-Hicks