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A Seychelles Travel Authorization is essential for any traveler wanting to go to the gorgeous islands in the Indian Ocean. Apply for the Health Travel Authority for the Republic of Seychelles via the government web Website. You have to have the following information for program: passport or national ID Permanent resident identification card (or EIC) Contact details (mobile phone, email, postal address) Trip data (destination, time, length, mode of traveling, traveling partners names and contact numbers of household members) It is suggested to prepare a record of all the items you'd like to take with you on your trip. Ensure that these items are packed well and aren't bulky or hard to take. Additionally, it's also advised to carry extra clothing, bags, drugs and other accessories, based on the weather conditions. Before leaving for your trip, review the information and package accordingly.

The first step in getting a Seychelles travel authorization is to use for accommodation in any of those resorts, beach hotels, or guesthouses across Seychelles. If you book your accommodation ahead of time, your travel insurance must cover the cost of lodging. If you're travelling as part of a bigger group, then it is advised to book your Seychelles lodging beforehand too. As soon as you have received a confirmation for your accommodation, you can proceed to book your tickets for departure from the respective ports of call. Including flights, cruises, buses, vans and boats.