Mike Macauley

My name is Mike Macauley. All of my projects have been born out of my pure enjoyment for communities and the awe-inspiring things they can accomplish. I have spent the past nine years of my life working on and "curating" communities, helping to channel my passion into something big. I've also published a book -- The Inheritance Almanac -- and founded a successful fantasy, science fiction, and horror blog: Lytherus.com.


Lytherus.com - Fantasy, scifi, horror. News, reviews, and opinions.

Shurtugal.com - Official destination for everything Paolini.

The Inheritance Almanac - Published in 2010 through Random House


Vroengard Academy - Interactive marketing application/game promoting Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance Cycle" universe. (Role: Creative consultant)

Inheritance Quest - Interactive Facebook-driven marketing application and text-based adventure game promoting Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. (Role: Lead writer, creative consultant)