Michael Mack

Born and raised in the Central District is Seattle Washington, I got my first taste of music by singing in church choirs. I also earned the opportunity to sing live at the Key Arena with The great Celine Dion, a moment I will never forget. I never really got into Hip Hop until early teens. I first fell in love with Hip Hop when I heard Kanye West: Through The Wire. From then on I knew what I was destined to do. I met my partner in Hip Hop Hugh "Harlem" Brown around 2002. We didn't begin as friends but one day on the back of the activity bus I was introduced to free styling. From then on we were hooked. My first in the studio came compliments of Lonnie "Futuristic" Sayles. We came to him as two wet behind the ears artist. Harlem was naturally good at it but I had a lot of work to do to improve Feuch taught us how to structure and make a complete song. He also taught us the importance of metaphors and similes and that a verse is much more than a bunch of Punch Lines. We soaked up as much game as we could. The crew ended up taking a trip to Houston to further the career leaving me behind. The whole time they were gone I completely stopped music believing I didn't really have what it takes. It was until Harlem came back to Seattle on my birthday and insisted that I return to the booth and I did. I found once I stopped rapping about subjects that didn't occur in my life and I stayed true to myself music came easy. In 2007 the transition from rap music to soul music began. As Mike Mack and Harlem we recorded our first real project called The Family produced by T. Jones. It became a under promoted classic. Recorded at the ages of 18 it was clear we were born for music. In 2008 we dropped another under promoted classic called Soul Hop also Produced by T. Jones. With each project our lyrical levels and song making abilities were rising. Around 2010 came into contact with the last component of our group, Our producer B. Roc. He fit in perfectly with his musical soul beats. So we started Fresh Preserves. In 2011 we dropped The Deep End all produced by B. Roc. But it happened to be another under promoted classic. Please check us out at www.freshpreserves.bandcamp.com