Mike MacLean

Student and Consultant in Gardner, Massachusetts


Seeking a career in Human Resources


Flexible worker with proven interpersonal skills and ability to meet a deadline.


I’m empathetic towards others.

I aspire to help resolve conflicts in the workplace.

I confront challenges head-on.


I have remarkable attention to detail. While working as a Special Projects Intern at Performing Arts Abroad my largest project was finding discrepancies between the CRM database and the excel spreadsheet the company was previously tracking customers with. I had to sort through these 700 records individually looking for mistakes. I set out first by sorting them according to participant country in the spreadsheet and then by year. I found and fixed over 150 discrepancies.

I am able to deal with people that are particularly unpleasant. Having worked in both retail and fast food for multiple years I’ve had my share of horror stories. One in particular customer that comes to mind was one whom I had sold a suit to. Somehow this customer picked up his suit and returned with a suit we didn’t sell claiming we gave him the wrong suit. The wedding was about a week away and he was understandably upset. I managed to calm him down and resolve the issue at hand.

I’m able to operate in a fast paced environment. Spending three years working in a McDonalds prepared me to effectively be able to handle most situations. Frequently we would be short staffed but still have to deal with the same rush of customers.