Mike Martone

I am a self proclaimed scum bucket. I don't F-ing care anymore. I have ripped off enough money to make myself and my useless pack of mutant kids and fat ass wife comfortable.

I bumped into a Johnny Mongo and he is such an idiot know it all. So I agreed to give him 1/2 my auto collision and used car lot if he worked 7 years salary free and we split commision on any used cars HE bought and we sold. When he finished the seven years and asked fot his money, I told him fuck off!!!! Ha ha ha! I kept 40k investment of his, i kept 90k of cars that he bought for myself and we had jim arrested for trespass when he came looking for his cars!!!!!! I never laugh so hard. But he has been pesky looking for his money. Nobody i ever ropped off before has chased me so hsrd. He obviously has no clue who he is dealing with. Just ask Frank Forgione. Oh, I'm sorry Frank is dead and dead men tell no tales.