Mike Massengale

Many things inspire artist Mike Massengale, but music is the primary motivation for all of his work. The following is a bit flowery but accurate description of his drawings and paintings. I once had an art professor ask me what I wanted to paint. I thought about for a minute and finally said, the wind. He slightly turned his head, raised his eyebrows and said, you can't paint what you can't see. Then he turned on a dime and shuffled off. That was the beginning for me. The challenge. How do I paint something I can't see? After years of thinking and reflecting I realized I could see it. You're thinking, what? Well, it's not so much about seeing wind or air, it's more about feeling and seeing the results of air moving. A blowing wind feels subtle. It caresses us. It wraps itself around our arms and travels through our hair. It flutters the cloths we wear. Wind is a feeling. That's what I draw and paint. The emotion of wind. Music is the same. The vibrations run through our bodies. It caresses our soul. It flutters in our ears. Close your eyes and listen. Then notice the soft and subtle motions of your hand or feet. Feel the beat in your chest. It moves us just like wind. Now take that experience and draw it.