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Mike Matei

Productions. He works together with James Rolfe composing, filming and editing in a vast array of internet movies like James & Mike Mondays.

Matei is likewise the co-writer for The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). He’s played with many guest characters on the series. Matei also attracted the name cards which show up in the show’s intro (episodes 5-100, 139).

Mike Matei

The fanbase occasionally describes Matei as”Motherfucker Mike” Because he plays a character who’s a cheating bastard about the Cinemassacre series”Board James”, and can be credited as such in this series. And he is widely known for playing character roles on The Angry Video Game Nerd for example Bugs Bunny, The Joker and Jason Voorhees.

Matei established the Cinemassacre’s Youtube station in 2006. He Called it”JamesNintendoNerd”, because at the point they had been undecided about the display’s official name (that was prior to the title”Angry Video Game Nerd” existed).

Matei occasionally does his very own game reviews on the principal Cinemassacre YouTube station . His match reviews include such names as Looney Tunes, Sheep Raider, Black Souls, Best Ten SNES Stone and lots of more.