Mike Mathia

Support Engineer in Park City, Kansas

Mike Mathia

Support Engineer in Park City, Kansas

Call 316.351.TECH

Hi. I stay busy.

I run the KTC WeatherPlex.
Primary Live feed
FB Group and Feed

I help out with PirilloVision here.

WeatherPlex Direct: 316.444.0690

News Media specialist. Keep up with that on Twitter.

I was owner and lead photographer of Michael Brian Photography, sold the business in 2016. Wasn't feeling it anymore. 20-year run was long enough. My work archive here.

CEO and Lead Tech of Hypertech Computer Solutions since 1999.

HCS used to be a full time profession with a dozen or so techs, now after COVID it's more of a part time professional hobby. Looking to kick this back up to full time again soon.

HCS Support Line: 316.351.TECH

IRC Tech Chat

HCS FTP Server is still up and running, but locked until you request something.

Check out my eBay inventory.

Professional storm spotter for the National Weather Service in Wichita, and Skywarn, Storm Chase Coordinator for KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kansas.

Storm chaser Discord here.

Real-time home weather station data here. Celsius users here.

Former Old School Radio and Club DJ. Remixes will post soon.

Favorite artist here.

Online radio station here.

Administrator for Kansas Tornado Chasers

Emergency management communications officer. Ham Radio callsign was KD0IJO, I let this expire. I plan to renew this someday.

My newer personal blog here. Old blog archive here.

Mastodon instance.This is now where I socialize the most.

My politics in one video.

Rules I try to live by.

Have business to discuss? Business line is 316.444.0690.

Email me:

Personal (Non work related)
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Cyberpunk Wetwork (GrayHat)
Hypertech Computers
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Mathia Enterprises

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    • Wichita Area Technical College