Mike McCarthy Topsham

Devoting his talent and energy to helping more people be entertained and healed through the unique power of music, Maine resident Michael McCarthy founded an organization he calls Music Heals, Inc. The non-profit organization has been working earnestly to raise money to sponsor Certified Music Practitioners who will play therapeutic music to people who are sick or dying. The certified music practitioners play at hospices, hospitals and various other healthcare facilities including assisted living facilities. Mike’s organization does this in a genuine effort to help the residents of those facilities get entertained and find peace of mind and rest for the soul so they can accept treatment more easily. For those at the end of their life, Music Heals, Inc. hopes to be able to help in their passing on in a peaceful and non-stressful environment.

A traveling pianist himself, Michael McCarthy himself has performed at various events and numerous assisted living facilities. He is deeply excited when his music touches the lives of the senior citizens he encounters during those events and performances. It serves as a fulfilment for Mike, who feels happy and inspired even more to be able to touch lives in such a unique and wondrous way by helping them face their individual challenges in life.

Mike McCarthy has performed for members of People Plus through his show Piano for the People. Mike McCarthy, together with his Victorian Square Grand Piano and video system, went through a repertoire of classical, jazz and popular music set to specially designed movies. With his special ear for music, Mr. McCarthy shares his passion with family and friends and the people who come to his shows at a number of assisted living facilities.

Aside from his career in music, which Mike McCarthy has geared to be driven toward a noble purpose, Michael McCarthy also teaches and coaches gymnastics. He owns and operates Midcoast Gymnastics in Topsham, Maine. Recognized for his extraordinary coaching and teaching skills, Mike has been able to produce a number of nationally-ranked gymnasts.