Melbourne, Australia.

My name is Mike McNally, and The Dream Executive is my personal blog.

I am 24 years of age and am currently backpacking in Australia.

The purpose of my work, starting with myself, is to actualize human potential. I reject the notion that our dreams are nothing but an impossible fantasy. I want to live my life as a hero, to live a life that matters, one that’s worth writing about.

This blog is an extension of myself, my commitment to lifelong learning. I have a relentless curiosity and passion for the truth, a love of wisdom. I do this because It’s my passion and because I’m happier when I get to help people.

Through reading I hope that you can learn from my findings, laugh at my mistakes, and be inspired to take action!

In regards to academic ‘achievements’ I left school in 2008 and graduated from the University of Stirling with a BA with Honours in Sports Studies.

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