Mike Mercuri

In 1994 at age 19 I moved to Toronto from Montreal to attend Fine arts program The University of Toronto. In my second year of University I met my Boss/Mentor Ken Jones, who was the U of T photographer and taught me everything about developing film and photshop. While going to school I worked at the University’s Design/Photography studio which was where I fell in love with the craft. I ended up teaching photography and developing film for a semester and by the time I finished my 4 years at U of T I already had 3 years of work experience in Design and photography.

In 2000 I Co-founded a small design company called Digital Samurai which started as more of a traditional design studio, but ended up doing more TV, video, photography and VFX work. All the while I had a full time job, ran over ten marathons, twenty 10 k’s, eight 24hr mountain bike races, twenty four 8 hr races and a lot of other small races.

Now I'm restarting on my own, while I hold a full time job, a 19 month old baby girl, one due in May and still enjoy my many races. Now I can pick and choose the jobs I want to do and experiment more with different tech and social apps.