MIKE METAL: vocalist | singer

MIKE METAL: vocalist | singer

Looking for Vocalists/Singers? Mike is a Rock, Heavy Metal, & Electronic/EDM Vocalist. Tenor singer with a wide vocal range. Vocal Styles: Head, Chest, Operatic. Harsh Vocal Styles: Growling, Screaming, Yelling, Gutturals, etc. Music Genres: Rock & Alternative: Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk, Electronic, Hardcore, Metalcore. Metal: Power, Death, Progressive, Gothic, etc.

Writer of beautiful, infectious, addictive, and dare-I-say sexy clean-singing choruses and passages. Looking to work with more artists as a guest/session vocalist—For Availability, please contact me with a direct message on Twitter (link below).


There are many Metal Mikes, but only one Mike Metal. Hails from Asbury Park, NJ and NYC, NY.

Vocalist & social pages manager of Deadtide. Also plays guitar. Has a serious addiction to metal & music. Can't get him to stop singing...

Known as blackened138 on YouTube for his heavy metal guitar riff & vocal videos, and as @TheMikeMetal on Twitter, where he Tweets often about metal, music, marketing, and random thoughts.

Loves Metal, Rock, Punk, Vocals, Snowboarding, Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Social Media, NJ, horror, and grammar, among many other things...

Check out his band, Deadtide — The new wave in melodic death metal bands. Literally.