Ministry in Concord, North Carolina

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Mike Motley's journey begins at birth in Pensacola, Florida in the mid 1970's at a time when abortion in our nation was making its way on the scene. He grew up without a father in his life and was raised by his mother and grandmother in this small seaside town. Mike had a powerful conversion to Jesus in 1994 through his friend John Michael Kilpatrick. John Michael was son of Pastor John Kilpatrick of Brownsville Assembly of God. The Brownsville church would soon become well known for hosting a historical revival better known as the Brownsville Revival. Mike began to teach himself to play the piano during the beginning of the revival and was mentored by Lindell Cooley. After only a few months of learning music, Mike was thrust into worship ministry by serving as the worship leader in the Hearts Ablaze youth ministry at Brownsville under the leadership of Richard Crisco. Mike married his wife Ruth Motley in 1999 after both graduated from the Brownsville School of Ministry in the very first class of 1998. Mike currently oversees, along with his wife Ruth, an orphan ministry; started in 2013, serving both international and domestic orphans (see below). Mike also travels independently ministering at churches and conferences and also provides interim worship ministry services for churches going through worship leader/team transition.


Mike and Ruth Motley started Father's House Ministry in 2013. Father's House Ministries is a fulfillment of a mandate given by God to Mike and Ruth concerning the fatherless crises in our nation and around the world and the solutions to the crisis by building a ministry out of their home reflecting the words of Jesus in John 14:2, that "In my Father's house are many rooms" and "I am going there to prepare a place for you." Mike and Ruth and many from their orphan care community partner together to host orphans from around the world several times a year in hopes of finding these precious children forever families.

Mike and Ruth have four children of their own: Matthew, Caroline, Israel and Emma. They are currently in the process of adopting a little girl from Ukraine as well as fostering a little girl from their own city.