Miken Construction

Offering superior solutions to clients, Miken Construction is a respected property preservation and repair company located in Ontario, California. The firm maintains and improves real estate owned (REO) properties, thus increasing their value. With 15 years of experience in repairs and renovations, the company operates as a leading company in the industry. Miken Construction secures vacant properties with boards and locks and helps to restore them to their original condition. Lawn maintenance and landscaping, debris and snow removal, and winterization are some of the services that the firm provides. Additionally, Miken Construction maintains relationships with a team of expert vendors that operate nationwide. With this vast network, the firm is able to provide clients with skillfully performed work at a reasonable price. Building companies, heating and air conditioning firms, and real estate agents have found Miken Construction a capable and reputable company. The business also offers repair services to commercial buildings and smaller clients, such as homeowners with flooding issues. Miken Construction is especially concerned with the preservation and protection of vacant properties. By improving the condition of an unoccupied property, the firm promotes increased property values and an attractive appearance. As an REO Market Ready Service Provider, the business ensures compliance with the guidelines of insurance policies and the requirements of federal regulatory agencies. Additionally, Miken Construction’s website provides potential customers with direct contact information for many officers at the company. Clients may view several examples of successfully completed projects that have involved mold remediation, roof damage, fire damage, property enhancement, and vandalism. The firm promptly responds to customer inquiries.