Mikenzi Jones

idaho, north carolina

Hello there!

I am currently a BFA Graphic Design student at Brigham Young University Idaho. I am passionate about learning my field of studies and becoming a well rounded, mature and innovative designer. I have so much to learn and I enjoy every minute of torment I put my brain through. I love creating, I love the challenges this field has to bring and I love the competitive nature of this exciting profession.

This blog is a documentary of my Sequential Design class projects. It is an exciting class where we have the opportunity to create a children's book, invitation, and a magazine. Here I will explain my thinking process and show examples of my design process as I progress through the class projects. This is a wonderful experience to tap into the world of blogging and websites and I am excited for what this semester of graphic design holds.

I would love to hear your feedback, criticism and thoughts! Contact me if you have any questions or want to chat!

-Mikenzi Jones