Mike O'Horo

Consultant and Small Business Owner in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Mike O'Horo is a serial innovator in the law business. His current venture, RainmakerVT, is the world's first interactive online rainmaking training for lawyers, who learn how to attract and acquire the right kind of clients without leaving their desks. RainmakerVT allows lawyers to learn, make mistakes and rehearse in the privacy of the virtual world, then succeed in the real world.

For 20 years, Mike has been known in the law business as "The Coach." He trained more than 7000 of them, simplifying powerful sales processes by which they generated $1.5 billion in new business. He developed ResultsPath, the industry's first integrated sales training program that combined education, directional planning, scheduled reviews and just-in-time coaching, and TeamPath, a litigation-analogous client-team process by which lawyers opt into contributory roles that inform and guide client development activity in a way that clients prefer.

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