Mike O. Sørensen


I'm an young and ambitious guy from Odense in Denmark and i love design, building concepts and re-design business logics.

For more info contact me: mike_sorensen@hotmail.com, by sending an e-mail you can request for a phone number.



2012 - present: BA in E-Concept Development at EAL
2009 - 2012: Datamatiker AK (Computer Scientist) at EAL
- dissertation about analyzing and re-design of the business logic in Danske Inkasso A/S
2005 - 2008: HTX, Kommunikation / IT and Design, at Odense Tekniske Gymnasium


2012 - present: Danske Inkasso A/S, part time, webadmin, designer and business designer
2009 - 2011: Dalsted Technology A/S, full time and part time, in head of the electronics department
2008 - 2009: Lars Broe Rustfri Stål A/S, full time, in head of one of the workshops


2006 - 2008: Seri Q Sign A/S, Young worker
2004 - 2006: Banana Shoes ApS, Young worker