Michael Palmer

Artist in Jackson, Michigan

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Mike Palmer's wildlife paintings posses a mesmerizing poetic quality, a rhythmic interplay of contrasting light, lines and shapes, that lures the viewers in, making them emotional participants in a moment frozen in time. Such intimacy is the result of Michael's creative genius. Removing reality's distracting details allows Palmer's paintings to communicate the essence of events in nature.

An artist's style can be as unique as their signature, and is often dependent on their medium. Artist Michael Palmer is an exception to the rule. Palmer's technique pushes the limit of his mediums and his style has persisted through years of success as a noted wildlife painter.

He has shown his works in numerous gallery shows throughout his home state of Michigan and has been awarded many "Best of Show" awards along with top honors in state wide art competitions.

Michael teaches private art classes and will be expanding to artist workshops in his new studio - gallery.

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www.MichaelPalmerArt.com or Email; mikepalmerart@gmail.com

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