Mike Peñaranda

Software Engineer in Metro Manila, Philippines

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About Mike:

Mike is a Software Engineer by profession. His interests include Film-making, Editing, and Photography.

In 2014, Mike created a short film entitled "10 minutes (saglit nalang 'to)" which was recognized Best in Direction. The short film also boasts two nominations for Best Male Actor.

The following year, he directed yet again another video for a music video contest. They recreated Madonna's Material Girl. This video was recognized for Best Female Act, and again Best in Direction. The team also brought home the biggest award of the night -- Music Video of the Year.

He was a member of the Film Club, and one experience he considers his most memorable that time was when he was tasked to lead a group of four videographers to cover a fun run.

At work, he is the go-to guy when it comes to video and photography. He has created various video presentations which are shown during client visits.

He's fond of documenting his travels with his family and friends through video. You may visit his Vimeo page or his YouTube channel to watch more of his videos.

You can watch his most recent work which involves Time-lapse photography showcased below.