Michael Perdue

Michael Perdue is an attorney & Real Estate Broker licensed to practice in the State of California. He received his bachelor's degree in Economics with an emphasis in business, from Brigham Young University. He is a graduate of The University of San Diego School of Law.

As an attorney, Michael currently practices in the areas of Trusts and Wills, Estate Planning, Real Estate and Business and as a Real Estate Broker he is able to help his clients with their real estate sales and purchases. He is particularly good at helping with distressed properties. Michael Perdue has prepared and reviewed over a thousand trusts and has had extensive experience in administering trusts and estates, guiding his clients though the difficult trials of illness and death. He has formed and advised dozens of business entities and guided his clients through many real estate transactions.

Michael also has a unique perspective in that in the past he has also been an accomplished litigator involved with a variety of litigations including the Erin Brockovich case, a Montana Indian tribe, the California Department of Forestry, and was successful in ousting the majority shareholder of a publicly traded company from the CEO position. His proudest court moment was arguing and winning a modification of a California law on U.S. Constitutional equal protection grounds.