Mike Rabinowitz

Retired and aspiring curmudgeon. Best described as a compassionate political independent. have always been a troubleshooter and problem solver and now that I have the time I am set to solve the problems of the USA. Rabinowitzisms: The main cause of problems seems to be the solutions to previous ones (mistakenly called the law of unintended consequences). For the far right- The one virtue of being stubborn is that you know exactly what you will be thinking about tomorrow! For the far left: "Hey,, it's not my money !" A $400,000 wage earner only pays about 1.75% of his gross income for social security and medicare. A person who earns up tp $100,000 pays a full 7+ percent. What is wrong here. There is a solution to easily fund SS and medicare by reducing the total rate and having no income limitations. Makes sense. The absolutely worst question that you can ask a politician is "HOW?"