Mike Rana


Gp Capt (R) Mike Rana VSM

Author, Keynote Speaker, Founder Editor Fingertip e-magazine

Software Engineer

mikerana@gmail.com +91 9910 877 966

Mike Rana, also known as Manmohan Kumar Rana, is an electrical, aeronautical and computer engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Equipped with experience of 30 years in the Indian Air Force and 10 years in the international corporate world, he is devoting time to social causes thru the medium of social networking and an e-magazine called Fingertip. His total following in different social networks is about 9000 and growing. His views are well received, appreciated and conformed. Currently, he is engaged in providing consultations on integrating and optimizing the social networks to deliver synergy and improve business practices and procedures. His focus is on personal branding of individuals using forums like facebook, Wordpress, Google+, LinkedIn, twitter and pinterest.

Mike Rana has received several awards from the Government of India, for work on projects related to large database systems, real-time air defence systems and missile systems. He also has the distinction of receiving awards for his writings on information technology by the Computer Society of India.

He is the author of two books, A Citizen’s Manifesto and A Wonderful World, and is a regular contributor to a number of international magazines and blogs.

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